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Web Writers Pro was originally developed by Raakesh Blokhra when he was working with Denmar Management LLC as a web application developer and his role was to build new web applications and optimize them for PPC (with the goal to achieve a low click bid amount). Besides implementing an LSI model for SEO, the biggest challenge he faced was to get good unique content for the web sites to build keyword relevance.

He hired some freelancers to write the content from various sites, but the quality of the content did not meet his expectations and unfortunately the freelancers did not show any interest, at that point of time, to learn about the writing guidelines specifically for PPC and SEO point of view. After trying his luck with more than a dozen companies who claimed to provide quality content, he just gave up on this idea and hired 2 writers to write content for one site. These employees were given training on how to write content, which tools do we want you to use to get keyword alternatives, using quality key phrases, and more about writing content as he expected. The first site was completed within a month and the results were outstanding.

Not only did the PPC bids for the first site go down, but also he noticed a significant raise in conversions of the site and lot of organic traffic. That was the start. Writing rich content and the investment of time and money on it proved its worth within the first few weeks. Raakesh, then setup a big team of writers who were appointed after careful reviewing of their skills, undergoing a written test, writing sample articles and a professional interview about writing the content. You will be surprised to know that out of 10 writers that he interviewed, only one was able to qualify and appointed. This is still the average that we get, 1 out of 10 writers who apply for a job with us, get hired. So there was a gradual growth in the number of writers that he hired, but before no time, there was a big team of writers ready to write high quality content. All the writers were given training for writing content for the web and had to pass a test with a minimum score of 90% to get a chance to write.

All the sites of Denmar Management were catered to and that is when he started using his experience, skills and workforce to cater to other companies / individuals who were in need for high quality articles and content.

Since these writers are trained to write content for various requirements on the web like Press Releases, Articles, Blog Posts, Web Site Content, Forum Posts, etc, they were termed "Web Writers".

Web Writers Pro is an ever growing team of writers and we are hiring quality writers on a regular basis to meet the requirements of our clients. We do not want our customers to wait for their content to be written for a long time, so we maintain a balance between the number of clients we have, and the number of writers that cater to them. This is one reason why we do not have open slots for new customers at all times.

If you are a potential customer who is interested in ordering custom articles / content from us, please subscribe to our Notification List so we can update you when we have room for new customers.

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