How does this process work?

Ordering Articles, Press Releases, or other content has never been more personal and easier than this.

When you signup as a member of Web Writers Pro, you are given access to our special Admin Control Panel. This is the cockpit of your operations on Web Writers Pro. You create your profile, add article requests which include telling the writers what is the title of the article, how do you want the content to be, what would you use this content for, what keywords would you like this article to be optimized for, what is the deadline of this article and how big of an article do you require.

The article will then be added to the article pool. This is where all the writers review your request and the ones who are familiar with the nature of the article you require, assign the article to themselves and start working on it right away. Any of our writer can not have more than 2 articles assigned to themselves, making it mandatory for them to submit the work they have taken before jumping on to another one. This process is the reason behind our timely delivery history.

Once the article is completed, the writer submits this article to you. At this phase you review the article, our system lets you check the originality of the content with just one click by giving you results from copyscape. If you are satisfied with the article, you approve the article. Once you approve an article, the article becomes available to you for download and becomes your property. You can then delete the article from our system permanently. The writer and us do not keep a copy of this content to maintain its originality and to avoid this data being stolen by accident or hacked into.

If, for some reason, you do not like the way, the article is written, you can reject the article and give notes to writer on why you rejected it and give him/her another chance to write it for you. If again, you do not like the article, you can assign it to another writer. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the work.

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